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Access CoverCake from your Desktop, TV Show Lists

What is CoverCake?

CoverCake, a Silicon Valley social media company, provides libraries with an exclusive “Books-as-Seen-on-TV” service for libraries via their library-branded mobile app from Boopsie.

Why should my library get a CoverCake subscription?

The Covercake subscription will not only help your library keep up with popular media and book trends, but will also help drive circulation by providing quick access to books mentioned in user’s favorite programs.

Access CoverCake from your Desktop, Colbert Report

What does the CoverCake integration do?

The CoverCake integration that will be sold by Boopsie automatically refreshes twice a week, and provides titles of popular books from authors that appear on the listed talk and news shows from television and radio. In the library apps, the lists will be linked to the library’s Integrated Library System (ILS) and will allow patrons to either download the electronic version of the book, or place a hold on the physical copy at the library. Along with talk and news shows, there will be access to popular blogs and book clubs as well.

The integration will be seamless, so no additional apps will need to be downloaded nor is this just a link out to a website. Users will select CoverCake from their library app’s menu and will immediately access the content.

York County Libraries’ CoverCake Case StudyYork County Libraries' CoverCake Case Study

York County Libraries represent thirteen libraries in York County, Pennsylvania. Their mission is to strengthen their community and to enrich their patrons lives through providing information, recreation and serving as the hub of their community. They joined the Boopsie Community in April of 2013.

The integration is an deep app-to-app link between a Boopsie custom-branded library app and the library’s CoverCake subscription. When users select the CoverCake icon from the library app menu, they seamlessly transition to the CoverCake Integration. It is this seamless transition that has helped make CoverCake one of the more popular features of YCL Mobile, the York County Libraries app. There were a total of 7,563 unique app users in 2013, and of those unique users 2,741 accessed the CoverCake integration.


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