We’re excited about partnering with Boopsie to deliver greater mobility and productivity to a large segment of readers,” said Frank Waldman, co-founder and CEO of Spritz. “Our goal at Spritz has always been to offer an easy and efficient way to read content, and Boopsie’s turnkey platform and wide network of partners will help us bring a more enjoyable reading experience to library patrons worldwide.

Spritz is reading reimagined; their mission is to change the way people read on mobile devices. Their “redicle” streams words with the Optimal Recognition Position centralized to minimize eye movement, which increase the amount of time you can read. Boopsie and Spritz are working to add an overlay to eBook readers that use Boopsie’s mobile platform to deliver eContent to students and library patrons.

You can watch a demo of Spritz in action on Samsung Gear, by clicking here.

Visit the Spritz website
“Americans spend an average of 158 minutes each and every day on our smartphones and tablets. Two hours and seven minutes of that is in an app, and only 31 minutes is in a browser, surfing the old-school web.”- Flurry.com 2013

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