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Libraries want to make it as easy as possible for their customers to access library resources whenever and wherever they need to. That’s why more than 4,000 library sites use Boopsie to deliver the best possible mobile solution.

Boopsie has partnered with the top library service providers to provide a complete mobile experience to your patrons and students. We’ve partnered with each of our Star Partners to develop mobile integrations to provide seamless user experiences. The easier it is for your patrons and students to find what they’re looking for, the more engaged they’ll be.

As a library vendor, it makes sense for you to partner with Boopsie so that Your Mobile App appears on the library’s mobile home screen, increasing your app’s visibility and making it easy for library patrons to access your service.

Become a Boopsie Star Partner

To become a Boopsie Star Partner, you need to support a ‘scheme handler’ on iOS and Android so that our app can communicate with your app. Or your web service must be compatible with the Boopsie platform.

To facilitate inter-app communication and discovery, Boopsie has created an App Finder service that allows 3rd party apps on Android, iOS and BlackBerry to be able to detect if an app is installed and then offer to install the app if the app is not installed. The amount of coding required is minimal.

Sample projects are available for both Android and iOS that show how to implement a basic scheme handler as well as call the App Finder service if the given scheme is not supported. Please contact to request sample projects for both Android and iOS.

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